Ioan Sbârciu

Ioan Sbârciu (Feldru,1948) is currently teaching in the department/ faculty of culture and since 2002 he has been vice-president of the Professional Artists Association in Romania. Already a Rector of the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, since 2008 he has been President of the Senate of the same University.

Ionela Blaj

Ionela Blaj was born in Romania, studied Art and Design at Cluj-Napoca Academy, attended the “Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci” Academy in Perugia and spent several trainings and working periods in Italy. Currently, she is at MECC artist residence in Caprarola. She exhibits her work in Romania and abroad.

Ado Brandimarte

Ado Brandimarte is a sculptor from Ascoli Piceno, he is teaching “pottering and forming technics” and has made various monuments such as “Monumento alle vittime del terremoto di Accumoli” (Monument to victims of Accumoli earthquake) in travertine. He founded the “Gate artistic project” and his art was on display at Ipogeo MateraSum (2019), Kauno Rajono […]

Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter is a London-based artist whose work mainly focuses on painting and drawing and, he concentrates on places and areas less pleasing than urban areas. His art oscillates between abstract and figurative, between imaginary and reality. Through the creative act he tries to make visitors put up with what cannot be stomached. His artwork […]

Liz Castelletti

Liz Castelletti was born in Bulgaria and graduated from Teramo arts high school; she is about to graduate in sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and has participated in several exhibition such as Adriatic Sea in Macerata and Cetjnie in Montenegro.

Alessia Galassi

 Alessia Galassi was born in the province of Macerata in Recanati where she lives and studies. She graduated in painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and she is currently attending the second two-year decoration course. She displays her paintings in various exhibitions including A Più Voci in Macerata, Accrohage in Liegi and Honestly […]

Mădălin Ciucă

Mădălin Ciucă was born in Romania yet he is a citizen of Europe, in fact he is polyglot and lives in Italy, Germany and Romania. He attended the Art and Design university in Cluj-Napoca under the direction of professor Ian Sbârciu. He is dedicated to art figurative and works on commission to draw a lot […]

Bogdan Drancă

Bogdan Drancă was born in Romania, studied at Arts and Design University in Cluj-Napoca and continued to specialise in graphic arts and sculpting. He currently lives in IL MECC artist residency in Caprarola. He exhibits his work in Romania and abroad.

Francesco Gioacchini

Francesco Gioacchini is an Italian artist living and working in Berlin. In 2011 he graduated in Editorial communication at University of Macerata, attended the University of Ramón Llull in Barcelona, the Slade School of Fine Arts in London and worked for Christo the artist to set up The Floating Piers on Iseo Lake. He earned […]

Milica Jankovic

Born (1990) Milica is a visual artist currently residing and creating between Montenegro and Italy. During 2021, she was chosen as one of a total of 64 representatives for culture in Europe within the We Are Europe platform of the multimedia art festival. She is the founder of NGO Atelje22 and the creator of international […]