Teresa Marasca

Teresa Marasca lives and works in Macerata where she teaches Artistic Anatomy, Drawing, Morphology and Iconography at Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata, and she is also the academic coordinator of Erasmus Project since 2001. She has been responsible for artistic research in the field of Painting and Artistic Installations since 1980’s and has been […]

Mirjana Milenkoska

Mirjana Milenkoska was born in Prilep in Northern Macedonia. She arrived in Italy during the Balkan Wars and started her education. After graduating in Law she decided to turn her professional interest elsewhere. She sorts of use visual art as the quickest way to create order in mess or perhaps she wants to disorganise an […]

Alessandra Morosetti

Alessandra Morosetti was born in Senigallia, lives and works in Marche where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata. Her research focuses on the relationship and conflict between nature and human being through sculpture and botany. Her work tries to make people aware of the rights of other living beings. The artist […]

Iacopo Pinelli

Iacopo Pinelli was born in Gavardo, and lives and works in Potenza Picena. He graduated in Decoration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata. Since 2014, he has been taking part in many group and solo exhibitions including the following: home sweet home, Davide Paludetto Contemporary Art, in Turin; Men only man simply man, […]

Salvatore Ramaglia

Salvatore Ramaglia, born in Neapolis and grew up in Rome, has been living and Worked in Macerata for some years. In the 1980’s he attended the Basic Design of Illustration at the European Institute of Design in Rome, participated in the Orvietani Seminars and attended the engraving course at National Chalcography of Rome. He is […]

Elena Salvatelli

Elena Salvatelli was born in Macerata and graduated in architecture at the U. Preziotti Art School in Fermo, later attended an Interior Design course at the Academy of Luxury of Macerata, then she enrolled in the sculpture course at the Academy of Fine Arts of the same city. She has taken part in several exhibitions […]

Maria-Laura Şonfălean

Maria-Laura Şonfălean was born in Romania and graduated from the painting department of Arts and Design University of Cluj-Napoca. She spent a semester in Rome at the Romanian Academy and today she is a PhD student at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj. She exhibits in Romania and abroad.

Veronika Weidauer

Veronika Weidauer (b. 1965) studied fine arts at the Ecole Municipale des Beaux-Arts, Avignon, France. Weidauer worked briefly in advertising design, later on choosing to study archeology and library science. Currently she’s a freelance artist based in Berlin working with multiple mediums such as abstract and figurative paintings, textile objects, photography and artworks made out […]