IL MECC International Residency, Library, Music, Education, Culture, Creativity in Caprarola

is a new Cultural Pole recently opened in Caprarola

IL MECC is a place of culture, which offers artistic, educational projects and other activities aimed at the expansion of cultural interests in the broad sense.

IL MECC promotes and encourages young artists. Artists can contact us for our artist-in-residence-program.

IL MECC facilitates the learning of foreign languages by using innovative and fun techniques.

IL MECC is an open place for reading thanks to the library of multilingual literary and historical texts available for researchers and scholars.

The president of IL MECC, Cinzia Pierantonelli, wants to challenge the great metropolis by focusing on the area of central Rome and its surroundings, a city in which many cultural activities are concentrated, often scattered. A suggested widen and intelligent culture, in synergy with the initiatives of the municipality already so active in formulating proposals and putting ideas into practice, aimed also at those areas, otherwise satellites of the big city, will limit outgoing mobility, to channel tourism flows also in the suburbs, to increase the level of internationalisation and that of knowledge. Young people flee from small towns because they do not find stimuli and incentives to broaden their horizons, unfortunately they also miss out on the heritage in front of their eyes, dazzled by the lights of the metropolis, dazzled by the promises of recreational and cultural satisfaction. Why not, instead, bring the big city to the suburbs?

IL MECC aims at creating a network extended to all the neighbouring municipalities of creative development within an area with a wealth of naturalistic, artistic and historical ideas for a sustainable and continuous development of the territory led by young operators. Talent, Technology and Tolerance will be the keywords of IL MECC so that even the small towns, once at the centre of power, today becomes a creative pole.